Become a Master!

  • Our professional coaches will develop a personal plan for you to achieve your Runeterra dreams.
  • Personal lessons are an in-depth and interactive experience. We won't just tell you what to play. We'll teach you how to approach the game and why.
  • Most students improve significantly after just one full session over Discord!


Coach "den" Victor

  • EU Season 1 Champion.
  • Top 50 Runeterra ladder finisher.
  • 7 years of experience coaching card games including Hearthstone and Poker.
  • Experienced teaching beginner, intermediate, and professional players.
  • Strategy guide writer for RuneterraCCG and Team Leviathan Gaming.


Hourly Coaching Packages

First book a session on our calendar and then order a coaching package below.

Full Session

1 Hour

Two Full Sessions

2 Hours

Four Full Sessions

4 Hours

Coaching to Master Package

Our professional coaches will help you reach Master rank or your full money back. Please contact us for custom pricing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do coaching sessions work?

Personal coaching sessions are presented through Discord screenshare. You just need a microphone and the app installed on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. After your booking, we will send you a confirmation email containing your coach's contact information, and additional session details. Your coach will add you as a friend on the app, and contact you before your session.

What's a typical lesson plan?

Our coaches tailor sessions to your individual needs. At the start of your first session, your coach will evaluate your goals and experience. Then, they will create a personalized plan for you to achieve your goals over time. Afterwards, you can work with your coach together to achieve some of these goals, or it's totally up to you! Your coach can help you with deck construction, meta-game analysis, ladder gameplay, tournament preparation, and much more.

I only play on my phone or tablet. Can you still coach me?

Absolutely! The way we coach over mobile or tablet is to add you on Discord and have a call running in the background while we spectate your games through the in-game Runeterra client. Each of our coaches have accounts on every region, so there's absolutely no problem for us.

What if I order more hours than I need at once?

We track the total number of unbooked hours each student has. For example, if a student orders a 4 hour plan and only uses 2 hours today, the student will still have 2 more hours to book in the future.

What's the difference between Hourly and Master coaching?

Master coaching sessions emphasize climbing the ladder quickly, while hourly coaching sessions emphasize learning and student improvement. During the course of a Master coaching package, the coach will select the decks he feels will climb the ladder the fastest, which depends on the current meta-game within Runeterra. The focus of the Master coaching package is primarily on gaining the achievement of Master rank efficiently.

What's your late, cancellation, and refund policy?

For hourly sessions, we do our best to accomodate student schedules, and will reschedule or refund your pro-rated session time within 24 hours of your session time. For late students, the clock starts counting 10 minutes after the session start time. If the student is late for 1 hour, the coaching session will be cancelled, and the hour will not be refunded. Unbooked session hours expire 60 days after purchase.

For Master coaching packages, if you do not reach the rank you requested by the end of the season, we will refund you the full amount of your package. However, once a session has started, it cannot be cancelled.

For additional questions, contact us here or on Discord.

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